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MarginsButtonVisible Property

Applies to: PrintPreview, IPrinterEx object

Type: Boolean


Returns or sets a value that determines whether a button to allow the user to enter into a visual mode for configuring the margins will be visible at the top toolbar.

The default setting is False.


If the property setting AllowUserChangeMargins allows the user to change the margins, by pressing this button, the margins can be configured by dragging them.

If the property setting AllowUserChangeMargins does not allow the user to change the margins, pressing this button will show the margins but will not allow them to be changed.

If this button is not visible, the user will still be able to enter this visual mode for seeing/changing the margins by means of the menu that appears by right clicking over the top toolbar or by clicking the menu button at the end of the top toolbar (see MenuButtonVisible property), in case it is visible.

The MarginsButtonVisible toggles the property ShowMargins True and False.

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