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FormatButtonVisible Property

Applies to: PrintPreview, IPrinterEx object

Type: BSAutoYesNoConstants


Returns or sets a value that determines whether a Format button will be visible at the top toolbar of the Print Preview dialog box to display the ShowFormatOptions dialog box.

The default setting is bsAutoYN.

bsAutoYN: The Format button will be visible if a Grid was printed using the PrintGrid method (* read details below).
bsNo: The Format button will not be visible.
bsYes: The Format button will be visible regardless a Grid was printed or not. From its dialog the user can also configure the report in grayscale.


If the Format button is not visible, but AllowUserChangePageNumbers is set to True, a button to show the ShowPageNumbersOptions dialog will appear instead.

This Format button can also be used to display a custom Format dialog box by canceling the display by handling the CancelDisplay argument in the BeforeShowingFormatDialog event and showing a custom dialog instead.

Its icon and ToolTip text can be customized (see ToolbarButtonPicture property and GetLocalizedText event).

(*) If more that one grid were printed (using the PrintGrid method) in the report, if all the grids were printed with the same style (GridReportStyle), the format dialog will appear with the grid style selector visible. But if the grids were printed with different styles, the grid style selector will not be visible.

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