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UILanguage Property

Applies to: PrintPreview, IPrinterEx object

Type: Variant


Returns or sets a value that determines the language of the GUI captions and other texts shown to the final user.
The default setting is 0 (automatic) and it means that the language will be automatically selected between the languages currently supported by the component by using Windows user locale setting. If a language is not supported by the component, the English captions will be used.

The client program can supply these captions in other languages not supported by the component by coding in the GetLocalizedText event's procedure.
This event can also be used to override (or customize) one or more captions in one or more languages, even when the language is supported by the component.

The constants that identify the language are in the BSLanguageIDConstants enumeration, but only some of the languages have built-in captions inside the component.
This enumeration is provided in the documentation as a reference, and need to be declared in the client program to be used as named constants.

Note: it can also accept strings like "de" for German or "en-gb" for English UK, but that only works for languages that have built-in support.

See Also:

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