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RememberUserPreferences Property

Applies to: PrintPreview, IPrinterEx object

Type: BSRememberUserPreferencesConstants


Returns or sets a value that determines whether the user settings are saved and when they are saved.

These settings include things like scale, paper size, paper orientation, selected printer device, page numbers position, etc.
The default setting is: 3 - bsSPWhenPrinted.
See BSRememberUserPreferencesConstants for details on each value.


In the PrintPreview control, the settings are saved for each control instance, but when the same control is used to print more than one report, the settings can be saved per report. For that it is necessary to set a different ReportID for each report. Otherwise, the settings will be saved as a whole, all reports sharing the same last settings.
In the case of using the IPrinterEx interface (obtaining the object from the global property PrintPreview) instead of a control PrintPreview), it is necessary to set a ReportID to save user preferences (even if there is only one report), otherwise they will not be saved.

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