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GoToPage Method

Applies to: PrintPreview, IPrinterEx object

  Return Type:     None.  
   In     Required     PageIndex     As     Long  


By calling this method, the current page can be set to any of the already printed pages.


If the PageIndex argument is set to a non-existent page, an error 9 (subscript out of range) will happen.

If, when printing text on a page, the end of a page is reached, when printing more text, it will be added to the next page.
You can use any of the graphics methods on the page, and if a new page is added by calling Printer.NewPage, the new page will be inserted following the current page.

In the case that the object holds more than one document (that can happen if an Printer.EndDoc statement was added in the middle of the printing routine), the PageIndex argument may not correspond to the page number. That also can happen if the StartingPageNumber property is set to other than 1.

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