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How to print a RichTextBox in Visual Basic 6 using BSPrinter

The VB6 Rich TextBox control can be printed with BSPrinter with one line of code:

PrintPreview1.PrintRichTextBox RichTextBox1

Where 'PrintPreview1' is the name of the PrintPreview control and 'RichTextBox1' is the name of the RTB control.

To test it, add a PrintPreview control to a form (you need BSPrinter component installed, if you don't have it download it from the download page), a RichTextBox control, a Command button and this code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    ' show the Print Preview dialog
End Sub

Private Sub PrintPreview1_PrepareReport(Cancel As Boolean)
    ' the following is the only line needed to print the RichTextBox control
    PrintPreview1.PrintRichTextBox RichTextBox1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
    RichTextBox1.LoadFile ([RTB file path])
End Sub

You also will need to add this code in a module (or in the form). This is to replace the VB6 original printer object with a new one:

Public Property Get Printer() As Printer
    Set Printer = PrinterReplacement
End Property

Public Property Set Printer(nPrinter As Printer)
    Set PrinterReplacement = nPrinter
End Property

In the sample projects that are installed by the installer at [Program Files]\BSPrinter\Samples or [Program Files (x86)]\BSPrinter\Samples on Windows 64 bits, there is a sample project for printing the RTB, it is sample 4:

4 - Print RichTextBox


PrintRichTextBox method.